Thursday, 18 February 2016

New Outdoor Skatepark Planned for Ballyfermot

As we are sure many of you have heard The Irish Architecture Foundation announced the winners of the Ballyfermot Play Park Design Contest. The Winners Relational Urbanism released their concept designs for the new park which will Feature an Outdoor Skatepark, Play Areas Green areas and more.

Check out the Video below for more  Information

Ballyfermot Play Park Design Competition Winner - Relational Urbanism, "One Park For All Ages" from Irish Architecture Foundation on Vimeo.

While it is always great to see more outdoor Skateparks being planned and built through-out the country it is still disheartening that some counties such as Tipperary, Louth, Leitrim Roscommon and Longford still do not have any public skateparks.

With this being an Election year there will be politicians calling to your door so make sure to let them know that you want skateparks for you own locality. They want your votes so make sure that any canvassers that visit you on their behalf that they will not get your votes without their commitment to supporting the Irish Skateboarding, BMXing, Scooting and Skating scenes.

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