Monday, 1 February 2016

Athy Youth Project using blank decks back in 2014

We were contacted by the Athy Youth Project who wanted to paint a load of blank decks as part of an exhibition. These guys are super engaging with the youth club and were innvolved in getting the skatepark built along with Steve Fahy

Athy Youth Project Maus Group – Skateboard Deck Design Programme

- Alison Whiteford
- Caoimhe Chambers
- Eimer Carroll
- James Pascariu
- Micheala Bartley
- Shauna Preston
- Stephanie Day
- Marija Petrova

Maus Group from Athy Youth Project create their own unique designs for their skateboard project.
The skateboard design project is being carried out in conjunction with the planning and preparation for the new skate park soon to be built in Athy and is something that the young people from Athy Youth Project have been involved with for some time now. This project gives room for freedom of expression and encourages young people to express themselves in an artistic and creative manner.
They are given the opportunity to express creatively, their own ideas and this could then lead to discussion amongst their peers/group members about issues relating to their own lives. For example, does a specific design or symbol that they have chose mean something to them personally?image.jpeg

1.The group started off initially by researching a few designs for their boards and then added their own unique eliments to the designs that they researched. Or if they had their own designs in mind they had the option of adding them on too.

2.The designs were then sketched out on paper and any final touches to their drawings were made if needed.image.jpeg

3. The finished sketches were then drawn out again onto mock boards that had been cut up using carboard and paper.

4.Once the designs had been drawn out on the mock boards they were then transferred onto real skateboards using stencils, markers and paints.

5. They will then gloss over the design so it does not get scratched, depending on whether or not they wish to skate them or just use them for decoration at home.



Since we last spoke the group are now more than happy to not only show their boards at home or use them for decoration but to put them on display for the public to come and view them. And with the hard work and dedication that they have put in since they started out it can be clearly shown that they have made some serious progression with these boards. They are looking 1.JPG

We have secured a venue – Naas library, where the boards will go on display for the public to view. This will be a great opportunity for promotion and to show off these creative pieces of art.

photo 2.JPG

Some changes have been made to the designs, but as you can see that does not take away from overall look of the boards. The changes were made by the individuals to suit their own unique tastes. And it really did pay off.

The boards have been given a full coat of paint and the designs are coming along great.

Some unique and interesting designs being drawn on. Almost ready to skate!!!

photo 3.JPGphoto 5.JPG

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