Tuesday, 11 October 2016

360 Degree Samsung Camera

 We Had a visit the other day from Jonny Mac Cann from Dublin

.He and a few skaters came down to test a new 360 degree Samsung camera. the results are amazing, View on your phone to zoom around and see all angles.

"Here's my first 360 movie! Epic Skateboarding in 360! Thanks so much to Gar Kavanagh and the lads from Wreckless Skate Shop for helping me out with this shoot! For the best 360 experience watch this in 4K on your mobile or through a VR headset. Hope you enjoy, plenty more of this type of content to come!"


Monday, 26 September 2016

In search of the fabled Greek island skate bow

In search of the fabled Greek island skate bowl

See Chris Haslam, Alex Hallford, Brad McClain, Jorge Simões and Keith Walsh skate the Cyclades.

By Alex Kyourkiev on 8 September 2016

The Blu Enigma – where to begin? It's a hotel on a Greek island that housed its own unique bowl within the compound for the use of the owner and his crew. And it's one of those stories that nobody actually knew to be true, but various people had friends who claimed to know its whereabouts.

Could it be? How come nobody had been there before?
We needed a grip of bowl rippers who could handle all the uncertainties such an undertaking would doubtless produce, and who could get in and out on quick hits around the islands we would traverse in search of this skating Eldorado.

From America came Brad McClain, joined by Canadian legend Chris HaslamKeith Walsh turned around in Dublin airport to fly in from Ireland on the red-eye, and English renaissance man Alex Hallford signed up without hesitation. Joining the crew was Red Bull Skate Arcade 2015 winner Jorge Simões of Portugal, who was there to relax but barged it instead.
With maps on napkins and local knowledge, would they find this mythic skate spot?

On Monday September 12, the first of two edits from the trip drops right here. But to set up the adventure, we've assembled the first of two galleries from Sam McGuire to get you fiending. Scroll down to check it out.

Keith Walsh 50-50s a cannon in Paros, Greece
                                                           by sam mc guire

In search of the fabled Greek island skate bowl
redbull.com|By Niall Neeson

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

S1 Helmets new Irish and UK supplier.

S1 Produce  some of the best Helmets on the market for Skateboarding, Bmxing, Longboarding and more, with their new supplier S1's High quality helmets are once again available from Wreckless Skateshop.