Monday, 19 September 2016

Wreckless Christmas Club

Wreckless Christmas Club

Wreckless Christmas Club 

To take the pressure off you this Christmas this year, Wreckless has introduced a new way for you to pay and save for your products over the coming months ahead. You can be guaranteed to have the products you want by placing a deposit on them and securing them to avoid any disappointment later on. 

This savings club is essentailly an account for you to add funds into so you can pay for products in number of payments instead of one amount. 

You can put a deposit on an item now and collect it anytime up till Christmas Eve here in our shop or get it delivered to you in time for Christmas Day once Paid in Full. 

Reserve an item that you want by adding a comment to your order when going through the checkout process and this will be held for you. We will keep and account of how much you have paid in and how much is owed etc, once Paid in Full, the item will be either sent out to you or can be collected here in store. 

Terms and Conditions: 

- The WCC is as simple as posssible You can pay as little or as much as you want 

- You can pay as often as you want 

- If items need to be delivered, only items PIF (paid in full) will be sent 

- PIF means item(s) and P+P costs 

- Last day for deliveries to be sent out is by 2pm 21/12/16 

To get started 

Just look for the Wreckless Xmas Credit category

Then select the credit amount you would like to put against the items you would like to put on Layaway. (Note: Do not add the items you would like into your shopping cart as this will increase the price of your shopping cart.)


When you have selected your credit amount go to the checkout, in the comments state what items you would like to put the credit against.



You will be emailed a Layaway number for your reference.Every time after your initial payment, when you want to make a payment on your layaway follow the same steps but put your layaway number in the comments. Or if ringing up the shop please use your layaway number

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