Sunday, 7 February 2016

Established in Oct 2014 “The Irish Skateboard Association” (ISA) is an independent ‘not for profit’ organisation involved in the development and promotion of Skateboarding in Ireland at a National level.

By becoming a member of the Irish Skateboarding Association (ISA)
You will help ensure that Irish Skateboarders
  • Can access funding to develop facilities and run events
  • Are fully involved in the design of future public facilities
  • Present a positive view of Skateboarding to the general public
The Irish Skateboard Association (ISA) has been setup by a committee of like-minded individuals who wish to keep the promotion and development of skateboarding in Ireland in the hands of Irish skateboarders.
One of our primary objectives is to secure funding for much needed facilities.
The committee is entirely voluntary.
image1 Michael “Shaggy” Reidy
image2 John Belling
image3 John Heerey
image4 Marie Jeanette
image5 Roger Kavanagh
image6 Dave Leahy
WayneWayne Gallagher

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